Privacy and Copyright

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Privacy and Copyright

Postby Hut Master » Thu Sep 22, 2011 7:49 pm

It seems that a PM (Private Message) that was sent to Registered Users was made public on another forum. This is in violation of the privacy rights of all registered users, as it negates the expectations of privacy which is the reason that format (PM) was used. Had it been posted in in the open forums of the site it would be the property of the site owner(s) and it would required their expressed written permission to use any post, whole or in part on another web site or in print.

In the future, all messages that are sent as private communications between two Registered Users or among several Registered Users, that are in violation of a users expected privacy, will be forwarded to the proper legal authorities for action.

This entire website is copyrighted by the owners and any and all posts here are the owner(s)'s property. Reproductions in whole or in part without the expressed written permission of the copyright holder(s) in a violation of law.

Also, posting copyrighted material on this site without permission from the original copyright holders in a violation and offenders will be be subject to any legal recourse the original copyright holders pursue. The site owners will comply with any legal issues arising from copyright holders who feel their work has been used in violation of copyright law.
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